What we offer?

We offer you access to all our resources. Among the various activities we provide, the following are worth highlighting:

Specialized Consulting - Project Management - Continious Advisory

Continuous Advisory

Possibility of hiring an ongoing consultancy to support the head of the IT department of the organization. Iterim role management. We can cover any position in the IT department, from a systems administrator to CIO functions.

Project Management

Turnkey IT Project Management, from the definition, planning, day-to-day project monitoring and delivery, and documentation management.

Specialized Consulting

Definition and evolution of IT systems map according to business strategy. Selection of operating systems/applications appropriate to business processes. Definition of technological infrastructures, cabling, Gpon, IPTV. Digitalization of company processes. Bigdata consulting, data consolidation, and BI for information analysis. Selection and coordination of technology providers. Service Management, supervision of service level agreements (SLA) of suppliers. Organization and coordination of the systems department team. Promotion, analysis, and execution of technological projects.